Make sure your healthcare professionals can demonstrate the competencies they need to succeed in a today's Electronic Health Record (EHR) environment from both clinical and administrative perspectives.

Health care professionals today are faced with a technology-driven environment, one in which their skills in operating new EHR systems that manage the entire patient environment are necessary to succeed.  The DPRC certification was developed to assess a health care professional’s ability to accurately, dependably, and legally manage patient records in this environment.

CSPlacement LLC developed the DPRC certification collaboratively with Test Development Experts, with experienced Psychometricians, and The American Medical Informatics Association, and medical school faculty, nursing school faculty, hospital administrators, medical practice consultants, The Health and Human Services Office of Digital Patient Records all as Subject Matter Experts. 

Who should use DPRC certification?

  • Any acadesmic institution training qualified health care professionals that use or will use a digital input device to manage patient records in an EHR system who can thereby affect the outcome of a patients treatment or legal rights.

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