Topics covered by the Digital Patient Record
CertificationTM exam

The knowledge and skills required to safely and effectively manage EHRs are comprised of many different operational and regulatory areas; including:

Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR)

  • Purposes and importance
  • Advantages and potential drawbacks
  • Divisions within an EHR
  • Functions and uses

Foundations for Meaningful Use

  • Current trends
  • Evolution and measured steps towards improved quality and effectiveness
  • Executing Meaningful Use

Privacy and Confidentiality: Professional and Legal Responsibilities

  • HIPAA defined
  • Security and Privacy rules
  • Accountability
  • Individual Rights
  • Penalty Details

Electronic Health Record System Security

  • Authentication
  • Managing data security
  • Transmission and care of Protected Health Information

Working within the Electronic Health Record

  • Locate and verify a patient record
  • Navigating within a patient record
  • Making valid record entries
  • Reliability, security, authorization

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