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The DPRC digital patient record certification exam Study Guide

The Study Guide was developed under the direction of American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). Authored by experts in medical informatics, the Study Guide will help current and future healthcare workers master the skills they need to work in an environment where Protected Health Information (PHI), which is all individually identifiable health information created, transmitted, received, or maintained by a covered healthcare entity.

About The Authors:

Don E. Detmer, MD, MA, past President and CEO of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), has been a pioneer in the development of policy regarding EHRs.  Working with AMIA members and with government and industry leaders Dr. Detmer has provided energy and direction to the development process of the EHR, and its implementation and regulation. His contribution to the development of the DPRC program and this Study Guide has insured the excellence of both.

Brian Gugerty, DNS, MS, RN, CEO of GIC Informatics, has been involved in every aspect of the EHR environment as an educator, and consultant in the development and implementation of EHR systems and a frequent contributor to industry groups concerned with the appropriate education of healthcare workers in the EHR environment.

John Poikonen, PharmD, Director of Clinical Informatics at UMass Memorial Health Care is actively involved in the implementation of a health information exchange and enterprise wide EHR in the inpatient and ambulatory environments.  He has held leadership positions in patient safety, clinical decision support and system development with academic health systems and leading health information technology companies.

DPRC E-learning Courseware

The DPRC E-learning Courseware

The DPRC e-learning course has been developed as an independent course of study, based on the same content provided in the DPRC Study Guide. It provides an alternative way to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work with EHRs and to prepare for the DPRC Exam. The content is presented in an active, engaging and interactive format with animation and voice-over audio. In addition to the learning content, key learning objectives and concepts are provided at the beginning and end of each chapter as a way to reinforce what was learned and to prepare for the examination.

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